Monday, March 19, 2012

St Patrick's Day Dinner

Little did I know that I'd be celebrating St Patty's Day this year.  I'd thought about signing up for the St Patty's Day run, but didn't get around to thinking about it too hard until just last Monday and the event was sold out.  Ah well.  Still, though, I got to celebrate, thanks to Davan.

Davan offered to make dinner Saturday night and I was down with that.  I was expecting a particular recipe she's been eyeing in the Peas and Thank You cookbook, but was surprised to discover that she had something quite different planned.  I guess I still have that particular recipe to look forward to another evening.

The festivities started off with a walk.  I forgot to take the camera for this particular event and we'll all have to live with that.  Davan had gone out earlier this week and taken pictures of  18 different landmarks in the neighborhood with her phone, which was wise because she'd have never hidden it from me had she used the camera.  She gave us one picture at a time and we had to figure out where it was.  We did pretty well at this, needing hotter and colder clues on only two of the pictures.  Davan was surprised at how well we managed, but, as Anthony pointed out, we walk in our neighborhood every day taking the dog out.  We should know it pretty well.

As we found each picture location, Davan gave us a letter tile.  When we got to the last picture, she had two for us and was surprised about that, but she figured she'd just miscounted and handed them both over.  Then she made dinner while Anthony and I - okay, mostly Anthony, but only because he started while I was in the bathroom - assembled the tiles into a phrase.

It turns out that a superfluous U had joined the message, explaining the extra tile at the end.

When things where ready, or mostly ready, Davan called us to the kitchen and we embarked on another Amazing Race Dinner.

Davan had six different clues in her box.  Anthony is trying to find the one marked "1."

Ranger was right there, in on the action, hoping for food.

Each numbered clue sent us off on a clue chase two or three stops long.  Here's Anthony finding a clue in the motivational poster Davan has hung on her ceiling.

Our first path led us to the bathroom.  Where Davan scared the bedjesus out of me by being in the shower when I was expecting to just find another clue.

We ate lettuce leaves that had been shaped into a clover while we talked about our best and worst for the day.

Our next clue hunt took us around the house...

with various stops...

until we found Davan by the balcony.  She'd been planning on being out on the balcony, but it wasn't great weather.  And the balcony isn't real clean.  So, we were just by the balcony.  We played a made up game by Davan game involving finding a four leaf clover while we drank green goo.  Also known as Odwalla's Superfood.

The green goo didn't scare anyone off.

Davan did, occasionally, need to tend to things in the kitchen.

Our next destination was the master bedroom where we played Amazing Labyrinth (all with green pawns from different games so the pawns looked different),

snuggled with the cat and

ate edamame.

Next up - the table of all places, where we ate roasted chickpeas and broccoli and played a new game we recently found at Goodwill - Cranium Dice - which was fun and entertaining, but not particularly challenging.

Then it was time for dessert - clue number 5 led us to the couch where we ate Zig Zag Rice Dream (it's chocolate and peanut butter flavored and the only non-green course of the evening)

and watched this video, which Anthony may not be pleased I'm sharing as there is an unflattering little video clip and a picture I insisted on taking in it, but the whole thing cracked me up, so I can't resist.

Davan had made the video not knowing what holiday it would be for - just to have it in the can, as it were.

The last clue lead us to Davan's room, where there was no more food, but we did find a game and a dog (who'd adjusted the covers on Davan's bed to get down to the sheet - bad dog!) waiting.

This was also a new to us game from Goodwill - Cranium's Hubaloo, which turned out to be seriously challenging for us.  We didn't win, but we laughed a lot.

We played more on Sunday and modified the rules some to attempt to make it a challenge, but not so stressful.  I think it's a lot of fun.

Thanks, Davan, for the fun evening and the yummy naturally green (mostly) food!


  1. I LOVE THIS POST. Davan is so awesome. I love the clues games and the food and the playing games at every stop.

    Then Keilee and I watched the video and it brought tears to my eyes. And a few giggles. Nice Halloween costumes. [Or do you just dress that way every now and then? ;)]

    Tell Davan she ROCKS!

    1. Um, yeah, Halloween costumes. Nothing against those who might choose to dress that way regularly...

      Davan had a smile on ear to ear when she read your reply. Thanks!

  2. Davan has always been so amazingly inventive. Even when she was the five year old version she was like that.

    Looks like everyone had a great time... especially Ranger, sleeping on the nice clean sheets. :)

  3. That video from a 14 year old!! Most 14 year olds are not talking to their parents at all. You hang around a lot of different kids, but let me tell you the majority of kids that age would not be making a I love you Video!! Good parents! I know Davan did the work but you two have raised her in a way that she could express the creativity. You could have just as easily beat it out of her. :=)