Saturday, January 07, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Dinner

Davan made dinner tonight.  She's been asking to do so all week, but it hasn't worked out until tonight between classes of hers and skiing (after which we ate out) until tonight.  It wasn't an every day sort of dinner, though.  We did not sit at the table and eat.   Nor did we eat in front of the TV (which we, of course, never, ever do).  No, we ate in nearly every room of the house in a nearly three hour event that Davan called

The Amazing Race Dinner!

We started with a clue box.

This clue box contained 5 clues to be done in order.

We (Anthony and I) took turns opening the clue box, finding the clue and reading the clue, which lead us along a trail of clues to a particular destination and course of the meal.

We first ate apples in the closet while telling about our best and worst parts of today.

Next, our clues lead us to the kitchen, were we ate broccoli.

Or maybe sucked a little blood.  We played the game where we each add to a monster, without knowing what the others have drawn.

As we hunted around for clues, Ranger tried to help.

Really, though, she just wanted in on the food action.

We ended up in the master bedroom, playing Sleeping Queens and eating polenta fries, but I seem to have missed a picture of that course.

Next up was the couch, where we ate chips and salsa while watching a video Davan made.

We really enjoyed it, so we watched it twice.

Lastly, we wound up in Davan's room for dessert and a couple of rounds of Munchkin, both of which Davan won.  Sigh.

We ate pretzels dipped in a chocolate peanut butter sauce while Ranger watched mournfully from the bed.

After a while, though, she got tired of maintaining constant vigilance.

Remember Anthony's Munchkin partner?

Oh, and I was thrilled to pull on the Knee pads of Allure...until that treacherous Davan stole them from me.  Grrr.


  1. Great movie.
    I never knew that Anthony had gone through that mysterious phase. The things you learn on the internet!

  2. How cool is that? I loved the video. Our friends have Munchkin and Kei plays but I need to check it out.