Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saying Goodbye

It's confirmed that today is our last day with Lovely.  I will miss her.  And I'm okay with moving on.

We decided to celebrate today by spending a good chunk of today's pay on going to the Portland Children's Museum.

We used to go there all the time when Davan was younger.  In fact, she didn't really grow out of it until she was about 10, which is a little older than most of the kids you see there.  Today, she felt like she needed to stay close to Lovely to give her a reason for being there.

With some "encouragement" from me, she did do a little exploring herself, which I could tell she really wanted to.

Davan has been thinking this week about how to volunteer to work with young kids again (she volunteered at a preschool prior to our move and loved it, but Lovely has been filling that need for her recently) and had been looking into the volunteer program at the Children's Museum.  When we came home, she went ahead and filled out the form.  We'll see what happens there!

Lovely had a lovely time.

She crawled all over the place and explored everything.

We finally left when she became too exhausted to enjoy herself further.  She's currently taking one of the longest naps she's ever taken at our house, even though she also feel asleep in the car on the way home, which is usually a deal breaker for naps for her.

Goodbye, Lovely.  We'll miss you.


  1. Ah....I can not help but believe she will get the same high quality care where she is going. But that is her parents decision. And this decision will free you up for other things.

  2. I think maybe you missed a word there. :) That is, if you meant to say that she wouldn't get the same high quality care, then you missed a word.

    Thanks for that. She's a pretty easy kid, though, so she'll probably do fine.

  3. For sure NOT...oh well was 3 AM my time. Guess I was sleepy. ;-0

  4. Great day with her. I know you will miss her and so will Davan. Love the idea of her volunteering at the Museum. Most things like that we have checked into requires you to be 14.