Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jumping Beans

I took Davan and Lena to SkyHigh today.  It was a great rainy day activity.  I'll let the video speak for itself about how it went.


  1. Keilee and I just watched this together. This place is awesome!!! I wish we had something like this. Is it just one big room? Does anyone ever die? ;) All those little kids bouncing around and not paying attention. Looks like that had so much fun!!!

    1. It is awesome! It's a chain, so they're around, but more concentrated some places than others.

      It's a big warehouse, but there are different areas. Most of this video is taken in the biggest area - the main jumping floor/walls, but you only see about half of it in the video - it stretches that far again to the right plus a little, actually. Then, there are three different areas that are the same as this, but about half the size. One is for private events, one is for dodge ball (I don't know much about how that one works) and one is for kids 8 and under.

      Then there's the foam pit, which you do see a bit in the video. There are four lanes and it's a one at a time in each lane thing. The two end lanes have wall tramps, too. One of those is reserved for kids 8 and under.

      However, the little kids can go anywhere and it does often seem like things are a hair away from going very wrong, particularly when it gets busy.

      I've never seen anyone get really hurt, but I have seen someone injured, usually small, every time I've been there. Davan ended up with a twisted ankle once. I've never seen true catastrophe, though. I imagine if it happened too much, they wouldn't be able to keep insurance, so it must work out somehow!

  2. Some really nice tumbling runs. Nice when they get their early and it is not so crowded.