Sunday, January 15, 2012

Playing Dress Up

Davan had a friend spend the night last night, but it wasn't the two of them who dressed up.

Anthony and I were the ones dressing up because we had a party to go to.  Anthony's office does their party in January to avoid the holiday rush.

Usually, I more or less enjoy these events, but I have to say that I had a little trepidation last night, seeing as how the party went from 6-10pm and I've been in bed with the light out at 9pm all week, but I was willing to give it a go and, as I mentioned, I did feel a bit better yesterday.

Look - at least a part of Licorice made the blog.  See?  She gets her screen time.

I'm wearing all clothes that belong to Davan from the dress to the shrug to the "tan tights" which she has from dance.  I've got my own undies on, you'll be happy to know.  I don't actually own anything that seemed appropriate to going to a mascaraed.

Anthony?  Well, he wore pretty much his usual work attire, but added the tie.  Still, quite handsome, no?

The party was fun.  I lasted until 9:30, after which I faded fast, but we stayed until 10 when they did the raffle drawing, from which we, thankfully, won nothing.  The item Anthony was interested in was a coffee maker that would have taken up way too much counter space.  The rest of the items?  Well, we really didn't need a basked of candy, thank you very much.

There were hor'dourves and drinks, a buffet dinner (I'd eaten before we went, so I just had veggies from the buffet), a chocolate fountain (and fruit without using the fountain) and gambling.  Yup.  Gambling.  They've done this style of party before and it's fun.  We each get a certain amount of play money to start.  There's blackjack, poker, and roulette to choose from.  Money that is left at the end is exchanged for raffle tickets, so you can just hold onto your money or grow it or loose it as you and the fates choose.

I played blackjack all night and was hot for a long time, but started loosing at the end when I started gambling big, knowing I had no interest in the prizes.

We came home to find the girls watching a Jackie Chan movie (odd because Davan has never been interested before) and drinking smoothies they'd made.  I hit the hay, totally whooped.  Actually, though, this morning, I just feel like I had a late night for the most part.  Granted, it feels like it was a really late night, not in bed by 10:30, but that's still not bad, considering.

I heard the girls go to bed around midnight and they're still sleeping now (nearly 9am), which is good as an indicator of what Davan's future mood will be.  Davan has asked for nothing too weird for breakfast, so I'm still not totally sure what we'll be eating.  LOL

The only sad thing about the sleeping in is that they've missed the snow.  We don't often get snow in town here and this wasn't a big deal, as there was no sticking at all, but we did have some pretty flakes falling this morning.  What is really great about that is that it's dumping up on the mountain!  Yay!  We're looking forward to our Friday ski this week after a forecast of snow all week!!!

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  1. You both look wonderful! So glad you survived the night and didn't win the coffee maker. ;)