Monday, January 09, 2012

Anthony's Project

There's still a bit left do do on the project that Anthony's been working on and that's been cluttering up our house for a couple weeks, but it's near completion, it's not causing clutter anymore (much) and it's usable, so I'll show you what it is.

It's a pull up bar!  But, wait!  There's more!

Anthony created a system where the bar can be set at different heights so it can be used for more than just pull ups.

To show you some of it's versatility, here's a short video.

I'm sure that Davan will explore all of it's levels in great detail eventually and we'll have more to share.  Right now, though, she's dedicated herself to doing a pull up and a pike up every time she passes underneath. (With the exception of when she's carrying Lovely who is here with us today after a break for the holidays.  We sure missed her.)


  1. Very cool. Nice to know that you guys are enjoying Lovely enough to miss her. Kind of adds to the family part time?!

  2. Why do I have the idea that Davan will get more use out of this than her Anthony. :)