Monday, January 30, 2012


So, I was going merrily along thinking that I had the whole Circus Smirkus application there by tomorrow thing under control, when Davan came home from teaching and didn't have her references with her.  This was inconvenient, but not a huge deal, as we had told her references 2pm.  Still, I'd hoped they'd come home with her so I could stop at the post office when I went for a walk with a friend and get it all off.

Instead, Davan asked me if she could mail it while I was gone if the second reference got done in time to give us more time for other things in the afternoon.  I said sure, gave her directions to the nearest post office and got online to show her the type of envelope to use.

Now, when I looked at the post office site on Saturday, I'd been searching for overnight mail and this envelope came up:

This time, however, I came at it a different way, through their "calculate postage" tab.  Guess what?  When I put in the two zips (on different sides of the country), the result was that it wouldn't get there until Wednesday.  That's a day too late.

My first reaction was, "Okay.  I've done all I can do.  It's just not going to make it."

My second reaction was, "Fine.  Fed Ex can have $60 to get it there overnight.  That sucks, but what will it really mean in the grand scheme of things?"

When I told Anthony what was going on, though, he told me he needed to check something out and to hold on for a bit.  So I did.  And I called Davan (by now I was on my way to meet my friend) and told her not to worry that we'd get it there.  She was very thankful.

By the time I was done walking, I had a message from Anthony that, provided we got everything to his office by 3:30, he could send it through the corporate account (although still charged to us) with the office discount.  The whole thing cost us under $16 after all and it'll be there tomorrow.  Whew.

And it's over, out there and one less thing for us to figure out.  I'm happy to have it done, but Davan and I were already talking about what was missing from the video.  It's too bad that we didn't have a bit more of trapeze, including some a different style trapeze and some of her on straps.  Still, though, oh well.  Done is done.

And it's a good reminder to keep better track of our deadlines.  Yikes.

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  1. Yea...well she is going to go away to school any way so it won't all matter. Just kidding a little, we do not know what will happen. Still all this running around and panic keeps reminding me of my job. We know you work hard for your job and this just proves it. Lots to keep track of.