Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not So Lovely Today

While we don't have Lovely today, I guess drenching rain could be still be considered a lovely day so long as one is cozy inside, as I am at this moment and have been, aside from that 30 minute easy run dragging Ranger, who is a fair weather dog, through the rain.  Ranger usually resents us drying her feet when we come in from walks, which we do habitually, but today was actually glad to see the drying towel.  Her tail started wagging and everything.

As for me, I wrung out my clothes and hopped in the shower.  It's been warm and cozy there after.

Davan and I broke out Cranium this morning.  It's a group game, but we play it by just doing it cooperatively.  We work together to get one, two or more of the pawns through to the end, taking turns reading the card.

In our version, whoever reads the card has to do the acting out or whatever, except for spelling, which the other person has to do because the card reader sees the word.  Here Davan is sculpting a turtle.

Group things - data heads and other word worms - we do together.  Here she is being a famous person with amnesia.  She was Mae West, but didn't know who that was.  For famous people, you can speak.  You're supposed to act like that person (think "I am not a crook!" or "Yabba-dabba-do!"), but in this case, she used her speaking ability to verbally describe her name.  Call it cheating if you will, but we got this one.

Whereas, we did not fair so well with me humming "I Shot the Sheriff, but I Did Not Shoot the Deputy."  In spite of my exceedingly excellent (not) humming skills, Davan did not guess this song.  In fact, just about the only thing she even suggested was the theme song to Scooby Doo.  Sigh.  Of course, it's important to point out here that she never has watched Scooby Doo, so this was pretty much a shot in the dark.  Humdingers are not our friends.

At the start of one's turn, one chooses which pawn one is taking the turn for.

We used to play the Family Fun version, but we let that go when we moved because Davan usually wanted to play the adult version.

When I first got the camera out, Davan was a little camera shy today.

But, then she came out of her shell and showed why.


Davan would like it if I posted more pictures of her post shower and less pre shower, but I take pictures as the mood strikes.  Poor Davan.

Yesterday, we did have Lovely over.  She was the grumpiest I've ever seen her, at least in the morning.  I was not feeling like calling her Lovely then.  However, she came around in the afternoon, as did the weather.  She and Ranger were waiting for me to be ready for a walk.

I love this suit of hers and plan to ask her parents to send it every time she comes.  I'm often having to make due when I take her outside with wool socks for footed leggings for her and such.  Yesterday, though, there was snow in the morning so they sent this.  Anytime the weather is below 45 or so, though, I think she needs more than a light jacket if I'm taking her out for a walk.

Lovely is coming to us twice a week now - Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Prior to the holidays, it was once a week on Mondays from 8:30-4:30 and it was truly lovely.  I'm a lot less enamored of the 6:30-4:00 Tuesday and Wednesday schedule, but I'm attached and would have a hard time letting her go elsewhere for care.

As for today, I'm off to fill in some holes in Davan's education that came up during Cranium today.  When I acted out "evolution" with not a hopeful bone in my body, she got it pretty fast, so we're doing fine there.  However, when I, with much confidence, acted out "nun," I was sorely disappointed.  Well, I guess that does show some where our priorities lie.  But, still, nun?  Come on.  We've got to get educating here.  We've got Cranium to win.

(To be fair, Davan did guess nun just after the time ran out and she was convinced it was priest for a while, so she's not totally ignorant in this realm.)

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  1. Once again I LOVE the game playing. We do the same thing...change the rules around to fit just 2 players. Kei and I have talked about how much we would love a "Lovely" a day a week. The early morning arrival wouldn't thrill me though! Have a great weekend! *Kei LOVES her footie pj's and so do I!