Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Demanding Pets

The other evening, the pets requested that we play a game all together.

Or, at least you'd think it was their idea with the way they flock around whenever we settle on the floor for a game.  They don't like it as much when we sit at the table to play, which we don't do very often, but every now and again Anthony, who isn't very flexible, asks to.  He has trouble sitting on the floor.

Licorice had to think about her moves for a long time.  But, for Ranger, she thought so long that she needed a little rest.

We were playing Tri-Ominoes, which I have a soft spot for because we played for the first time on this trip.  Later, when I saw it at Goodwill, I snatched it up.

It's not, however, Davan's favorite, so we don't play all that often.

You'd think I forced her to be the score keeper or something.  I don't, although it wouldn't hurt the math skills.

Tonight, though, is just Anthony and I, as is the usual on Tuesday nights.  Davan goes to Do Jump from 5:30-9:00 on both Tuesdays and Thursdays.  On Tuesdays, she usually goes early to hang out, leaving the house around 4:00.  On Thursdays, she does yet another class at a different location before and misses out on the hanging out part.

Today, she left at 1:00 to meet a friend who doesn't have school this week.  Emma goes to a private school and is on a different schedule than most of the kids around here.  Her school had semester finals last week.

Anyway, what all that means is that I haven't seen Davan in 8 hours!  If that feels like kind of a long time (not that she hasn't been away longer, but still, I'm used to her being around a lot), imagine what next year might bring with her gone for months.  If this whole Montreal thing happens, I'm in for a rough patch.  Sigh.


  1. I would think you would be nervous about all this and it points it out when she is gone so long. Such a change for our little one.

  2. Nomad has a bad habit of walking through the game board, knocking everything down. If he wasn't so stinking cute I would kill him! I can't imagine how it will be if she goes to Montreal!