Friday, January 06, 2012

New Game Fun

We got a new game for Christmas from my SIL.  In the past, not all of her gifts have been hits, I have to say.  Last year's present of a large make up kit for Davan was actually an improvement over the (I kid you not) Winnie the Pooh outfit of the year before (yeah, Davan was a 12 year old tom boy at the time).

This year, though, all is forgiven (well, mostly) with this gift.

The game is called Munchkin and we've played it several times an evening most evenings this week.

And most of the times we've played, Licorice has been laying with Anthony just like here.

Ranger has wanted to be in the middle of things, but we've managed to keep her mostly over by Davan and I to keep her and Licorice separated for peace.

I finally won for the first time tonight.  And, apparently, got things flowing because I won twice!

If you're a Dungeons and Dragons gamer, you'll probably enjoy Munchkin.  We were in a D&D group years ago, but kind of drifted apart with that group.  When we moved, we decided to sell off our D&D stuff.  This is a fun little way to sort of kind of play again.

Even though we've played a good dozen times already, we're still running into cards and situations we haven't seen before.  Tonight, for example, Davan drew the "Kneepads of Allure," which we'd never before seen, but then I got them in the next game and Anthony in the third.  By the way, they are a good thing to have.  I suggest you put them on.

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun. Like the keeping the animals apart.