Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Gymnastics

I took the camera with me to gymnastics last night, but I told Davan and Lena that I wasn't planning on using it unless one of them got something new because we had a lot of gymnastics footage.  Then they both went and did new stuff.

Lena would prefer to polish what she did prior to me sharing, but Davan started working on a bars sequence that is sort of a mix between the level 4 and level 5 competitive routine and is doing it really well.  At the beginning of the bars rotation, she didn't even look close to her high bar kip, but, as you can see here, she was doing it by the end.  I didn't get her first efforts, but I did get one miss that I'll share.  When she did this recovery move, her coach, who is also an ex professional Do Jumper, said, "And that right there is why I'd hire you.  Even when it went wrong, you made it look cool."  LOL  In fact, speaking of LOL, you can hear Tera doing a lot of that through the music when Davan does her switcharoo.


  1. I am still at work so I have only watched without sound. Tonight I will listen to the laughing. Davan looks really good.

  2. Keilee has informed me she wants one of those bars you have on your doorframe. Also she would like uneven parallel bars and a balance beam. Oh yeah and a swing like Davan has in her room!,

    I think I am going to make her stop watching Davan's videos. ;).