Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow, Sort Of

We've been having snow fall from the sky off and on the last couple of days.  However, I say it's only sort of snow because it's been just as likely to be rain or, briefly yesterday afternoon, hail.  Thus, it hasn't stuck at all.

Davan and her friend Lena were pleased by the snow yesterday morning.  They rushed to the window to look out at the rain/snow mix.  They were playing Journey Through Europe when I went in to tell them it was snowing.

Then, they rushed back again when it turned to big fluffy snow, which actually drew them outside for a while.

Lena, who is an exchange student from Switzerland, was funny, though.  She kept saying, sarcastically, but in a fun way, "I've never seen this before."

After Davan went with Lena to the library and walked her home, we spent a quiet afternoon at home.  We spent some of our time corrupting Davan by teaching her the finer points (as we know them - we're no great shakes) of Blackjack.

Nothing like a little Sunday afternoon gambling.  We didn't let Ranger have a hand, but Anthony and Davan took turns sharing with her.  She's only 3.5, after all.

Today has been an interesting mix of holiday and not here.  Anthony is off, but Davan has all of her activities.  So, this morning she left to go teach at Do Jump for a while and this afternoon she's off at her straps class.  (The link shows her teacher, Shersten, doing straps, if you don't know what it is.  I don't have a video of Davan doing it yet.)

In between, though, we went to Forest Park for a hike for some of us and a run for me.  I needed to do a 60 minute run today.  I'm feeling much better, by they way, still tired, but not exhausted.  Again, I don't know why, but I'm sticking with the healthy food and feeling very pleased about feeling better.

Anyway, off we went, mostly because I wanted to do a run on a trail.  Leif Erickson is a wide, gravely path, so the wet weather didn't make it too muddy to run on.  Anthony and Davan came for a walk in the woods, but neither wanted to run.  While I feel a little guilty about it, I didn't take Ranger, even though she'd have liked the running part, she also likes the stopping to sniff and pee parts, so I left her with the others to do that.

Briefly during the run, it snowed a bit, which was nice, but then it really stared to snow at the end, which was very pretty, but it still didn't stick.

It was snowing in this picture, but you can't really see it.

It was a good run, but I ended up going longer than my 60 minutes because it's uphill going, so I went 40 minutes out, thinking I'd be faster coming back.  I wasn't.  It had leveled out enough after the first mile that it didn't make a big difference.  I did slow down after 65 minutes and just jogged in the rest.

By the time I got to my family, they were all cold.  The poor dog was shivering.  But, she recovered quickly in the warm car, probably because she was so pleased with putting her muddy paws on the seat.  Or maybe that was just incidental.  Sigh.

I made Davan ride her bike to her class this evening, as usual, which I feel a little bad about, considering the cold, wet weather, but class should have just gotten out and it's not raining at the moment, so hopefully it'll hold out for her until she gets home.  Then she can put on her footies and warm up if she likes.

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  1. Ok when Davan runs away and joins the circus you MUST send me and Kei all your awesome games! I love them. I so admire your running..I hate to run. Sad but true.. Keilee knows how to play blackjack and poker. You gotta teach 'em the important things doncha think? ;)