Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cleaning Out Surprises

I've been doing so many videos that I'm starting to feel like my computer's memory isn't unlimited.  So, I've been spending a little time cleaning out.  I've deleted audio books that have been listened to and were just hanging out, "raw" video footage that I've culled the interesting parts out of and turned into videos and some pictures, as well, as I've been taking tons of pictures lately, too.

While I was working on this cleaning out project, I came across a set of pictures that I didn't recognize at first.  It turns out that Davan had taken all the pictures for a stop action animation sometime this summer just before we moved and it'd never gotten further than the pictures.  So, we made it into a video last night and I'm going to share it with you.

What surprised me isn't that I found pictures for stop action animation, as Davan used to do a lot of it.  In fact, after seeing one of Kei's projects over on HomeSchool Girls, I'd been thinking about digging out one or two of her old movies and checking them out again.

What surprised me was how recent it was.  The last time I remember her being doing much in the way of stop action animation was after a trip to OMSI when she was maybe 7 or 8 where they had a station set up to play with stop action animation and she got so into it that I set up the camera for her at home.  She made a whole bunch of movies then - one of them ended up being something like 8 minutes long, which is a whole lot of pictures, let me tell you.

After finding this set of pictures, though, and making the movie last night, her interest is piqued again.  In fact, she just came out to steal my light so she could have a steady light source for her current project.  She informed with with glee that she is "off to make a stop action animation movie and listen to A Short History of Nearly Everything."  Okay, then.

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  1. Kei and I just watched this and we LOVED it!! So creative. Can't wait to see more. :)