Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday Skiing

We went skiing yesterday, as per normal on Fridays this winter.  We have annual passes to Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort this year and have set Fridays aside as our skiing day to get the most out of them.  Anthony, who usually has every other Friday off due to 9 hour work days, takes the opposite Friday off with vacation time so that we can ski on weekdays.  Once you get used to skiing on weekdays, weekends pretty much suck, I must day.  We're so spoiled that having to wait for 10 groups to get on the chairlift in front of us seems like an imposition.

Anyway, yesterday, we took the camera.  Here I am, just hanging.

It was a beautiful day weather-wise, but we haven't been getting enough snow and there were a lot of bare patches, which was a bummer.  Supposedly, we're due to go back to regularly scheduled winter as of this afternoon and snow should fall off and on all week.  That would make next Friday very different!

Davan, spraying snow.  She likes to work on her turns by trying to spray us in snow when she stops.

Our usual plan is get up whenever (usually between 7 and 7:30), have one adult take Ranger out while the other loads the car (usually I've prepared food the night before), then we wake Davan up if she's not away and are on our way by 8:00.

Yesterday, I didn't get around to food prep until that morning, so Anthony took Ranger out, then loaded the car while I put food together.

We ate apple slices and PB&J's in the car on the way up for breakfast.  Ranger was wishing someone had thought to pack her a PB&J, too.  She comes up with us and spends a bit of time in the dog park they have up there when we first get there, then gets, sadly, stuffed back in the car.  So far, the weather has been quite nice and we've had to crack a window for her.  If it'll be really cold, we'll leave her home, like we did on New Year's Eve, but this time, we'll make sure there's not chocolate soy milk boxes on top of the fridge or anywhere else for that matter.

Davan, heading into the shade.

We ski for 3.5 hours, give or take, depending on such factors as mood, weather, health, the itchiness of Davan's head, then go back to the car to spring Ranger back to the dog park and load up.

We eat lunch in the car on the way home.  Yesterday, that was veggies sandwiches made with veggies of choice and hummus with baby carrots and sugar snap peas with more hummus to dip them in.  It hasn't always been so healthy, but I'm wanting to be better about my eating.  In fact, there may be another post about that today.

Riding the lift.

We all have fun, expect, we suspect for Ranger, who, while she enjoys the brief dog park frolics, wonders why the heck we spend all that time driving up to the mountain and then don't even take her for a hike.

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  1. I have never been skiing. Well not snow skiing. It looks like you all had a blast! Reading your blog always makes me smile. So glad I found you. ;)

    Re. Spend the night. One night sleepovers wipe Kei out but when it is longer they find a rhythm and go to bed at a reasonable time. :)