Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We Had a Lovely Day Today

That is to say that Lovely (this is not her real name) was here today, not that it was necessarily a lovely day.  Don't get me wrong, I adore this baby

not to mention the teenager who's holding her, but any day that starts at 6:15am is at a disadvantage in my book.  I'm not an early riser.

When Lovely showed up in her footie pjs today, Davan decided to join in the lounge wear look.  They two of them were snugly all day.  Well, up until Davan showed before going out to meet her Zig Zag friends and then go to Do Jump for class and Lovely went home.  Still, until 4pm was most of the day.

Ranger, who didn't make it out much today due to the not so great weather (cold and rainy, mostly, with a little mix of very wet snow this morning), was less enamored of the debris that accompanies Lovely days.

So, she retreated to her bed.

Davan also claims this bed, but Ranger uses it more by my reckoning.  Plus, Davan is, you know, planning to abandon us, so then it'll really be Ranger's bed.

I'm not sure why Davan chose to do math in the living room today with Lovely about.  It does add an extra challenge, what with the trying to keep the book, notebook and pencil out of Lovely's reach.

Still, the day was fine.  I am tired, but mostly in a I got up before I wanted to way.  Lovely had a pretty good day.  I got stuff done, even with the pj party going on.  All that said, I could live without the 6:15 alarm tomorrow morning.  Sigh.


  1. Very cute. I have been reading but busy. Right now I am on hold with Tech support for the internet radio. It quick connecting and I can not figure it out. Neither can tier one support. They are off talking to Tier Two.

  2. Ok the 6:15 I would hate...the lovely I would LOVE. I would love to keep a baby one day a week. Bliss and heaven. Keilee would like it for probably a couple of hours.. :)Love the dog in the bed pic. Adorable!

  3. There are many reasons I like the older kids when I babysit. Which is of course on a daily basis M-F. Diapers would be one of those reasons.

    But wow, she's really cute. :)

  4. I love all you windows in your new place.