Monday, January 23, 2012

In Flux

We are in flux this week and it's all because of this cute little critter:

Lovely started coming to us in October.  She came on Mondays from 8:30-4:30 and I charged $5/hour.  While the extra money is a plus, it was partially for Davan, seeing as how she doesn't have any siblings and how she loves little kids.  It was a good hands child development course.

We came to look forward to Mondays.  Lovely is an easy baby and the 8:30 start time was easy.  There was plenty of time for me to get in my run still and for Davan to get up at her leisure.  We are tied up on Mondays anyway because Davan teaches at Do Jump.  All-in-all, things were going along swimmingly.

We took a break over the holidays due to us going out of town and to Lovely's grandmother being in town to watch her.

Prior to the break, Lovely's mom had asked if we would be able to take Lovely two days a week - Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:30-4:00.  We thought about it for a while, but decided we'd miss her too much if she didn't come.  We said yes.

And we did miss her over the holidays.  We were glad to have her come back, aside from my 6:15 wake up call two days in a row every week...

Lovely's mom needed the schedule change because of a new job.  She told me the money was much better. Lovely started showing up at 6:20 and not leaving until 4:05.  I figured this was okay and we'd just round up to 10 hours, rather than 9.5.  That didn't happen, though, which left me a little resentful.

Then, Lovely's mom's schedule started fluctuating all over the place.  The first week this happened, I was super understanding.  She was, obviously, stressed about it and it was okay for us to do Monday and Wednesday that week.

However, the next time it happened, it was just assumed that I would accommodate.  It is a bit of an imposition.  We do have activities and plans.  I was feeling resentful again.

In addition to that, we've been thinking about what next year will be bringing.  Tuition, room and board is potentially looming.  With all of that added up, I decided to ask for a raise.  This weekend, I asked for $6/hour.

Last night, we got the answer.  As things stand right now, this is Lovely's last week.  They say they can't afford the price increase.  I'm sad.  A little relieved.  A little bummed about the lack of supplementary income.  After thinking about it a while, though, and talking with Anthony and Davan, I've offered to keep her until the end of the school year at $5/hour.  I know I won't get an answer until at least this evening because her parents don't check email at work.

I wonder, though, what other situation would people be in that they are offering child care so cheaply?  I wonder where she'll be going.  If she'll get as much attention.  If she goes, though, I'm sure it'll work out.  I'm sure they'll be careful and find a good place for her to be.  And if she does, I'll be a little relieved.  And a little sad.


  1. I understand about the sad and relieved. I know you will miss Lovely.

  2. I think you final feeling will be relieved as I know how much you hate to get up early. :-) And it does free you up for other things.

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