Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anthony's New Toy

Remember my new toy?  It was an early Christmas gift, as you may recall.

Well, this weekend, Anthony went out and bought his own new toy.

His new toy?  The water bottle cages were more than my new toy.  Does this seem fair?  I think not.  I am lobbying for better toys.  Okay, not really.  I don't want more stuff.  I would like more vacations, though, maybe.  Or, you know, maybe being able to afford boarding school for the kid.

To be fair, Anthony used money he got when he sold his motorcycle when we moved.  It was his earmarked money to spend.  And he seems really happy.

And.  Well.  I did get to go to China this past spring, so what can I say, really?

I'm glad he has his heart's desire.  I sure hope his heart doesn't start desiring again too soon, though.

Just for kicks, I'll share another photo that landed in the "new bike" folder somehow.


  1. Guess this was where his Birthday and Christmas money went. Did each gift buy a water bottle holder?? LOL

  2. Not quite that bad! He would have had a little birthday money left over after buying the cages. LOL My shoes were pretty cheap in comparison.