Thursday, January 12, 2012


Ranger and I went for a run this morning.

This wouldn't be unusual, except that I took a little over a week off of running and am now starting a new training program.  This program, sort of cobbled together from a couple of different sources, but mostly following, on my own schedule, the plan from this book.

When I was doing some research into a plan, I realized that everything I was reading was telling me I was running too much.  I have an easier time feeling like I'm making progress when I'm pushing myself, but I'm going to try giving one of these plans a try.

That meant that, today, at least, I did an easy 20 minute run.

Ranger is a little worried about this.

Worry not, Ranger, we'll start increasing again.  Meanwhile, I did walk a little extra with her this morning, but it's cold and windy and running wear is not meant for casual strolling is this sort of weather, so it wasn't too long.  Still, Ranger, I promise we'll get you some exercise.  Even if it means you have to run with Dad.

(Okay, that last bit is an inside joke in our family.  Anthony doesn't take Ranger running usually because Ranger doesn't keep up with him well.  It's a sad, sad thing.  Ranger is always running ahead of me, except when it's time to pee or sniff or bark at a dog, but she can't seem to keep up with Anthony.  What does that tell you about our respective running speeds?  Sigh.)


  1. OK what is going on in the first picture of Ranger at the bottom. Looks like she has these really weird feet attached to her chest!!

  2. Is that what happens when she gets too short a run? LOL

  3. Shesh. I hadn't seen that at all, but now it's pretty much all I see when I look at that picture. Thanks for that, Mom.