Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just a Quick Update

I haven't posted in a couple days, so I thought I'd do a quick catch up here.

We went skiing on Friday.

The weather and snow were the best we've had all season.  I felt pretty good and wanted to ski a lot.  Davan, though, had a cold and spent some of her time in the lodge.  Still, we stayed for a bit over 5 hours and mostly had a good time.

Davan feel asleep when we got home for about an hour and I debated between letting her sleep and waking her up because she'd said she was going to meet Lena at open workout at Do Jump.  I ended up deciding to wake her up and give her the choice, but she woke up on her own and decided to go.

Saturday Davan was still sick.  I also started not feeling well.  Sigh.  Still, I got in my run and strength training in the morning and it wasn't really until afternoon that I started feeling under the weather.

We had a nice peaceful day until 4:00pm when I casually checked the due date for the advanced summer camp at Circus Smirkus.  Some of you may remember that Davan applied for their summer trooper program which is 10 weeks of camp and touring.  However, she didn't make it.  She decided to apply for their advanced summer camp, thinking that might help her make troopers next year.  We decided that she needed a different audition video, based on those that we'd seen online.  I did a preliminary one, but have been collecting footage here and there for a better one.  I've been going along merrily thinking that the deadline for the advanced camp audition materials was in February and, while I have been collecting footage here and there, Davan had several things she wanted to put on there that I haven't gotten yet.  I figured we'd concentrate on that after the Vancouver trip to audition for the National Circus School.

Because, yeah, in between auditioning for the troopers at Circus Smirkus and now, Davan has also decided to apply, with a recommendation from the preselection tour, for the high school at the National Circus School in Montreal.  Keeping up here?

Davan is thinking that if she gets into Montreal, she won't go to Circus Smirkus.  She wants to have more time at home and we want to have more available money for tuition and room and board.  However, it's not, by any means, a done deal for getting in, so we're finishing the application process as a back up.

So, back to yesterday afternoon, when I casually checked the application deadline.  It's January 31st.  That's Tuesday.  And that's not postmarked.  No.  It's there.  Cripes.  So, I've made her video, which is fine, if not as spectacular as we'd been hoping.  Here is it, but if you've been watching videos here, it's a lot of stuff you've already seen.

I called and emailed her two teachers that she'd like to get references from and tried to figure out how to get them quickly.  At first, I had a little hope we'd get everything together and out yesterday.  It became clear quickly that wasn't going to happen.  So, now we're aiming for Monday and getting it there overnight.  Yay.  An extra expense.  Oh well.  We've got all our parts done and one reference scheduled for Monday morning.  I haven't made contact with the other yet, but I have a back up and I'm guessing she'll be able to do it Monday morning, as well.

Okay, this isn't turning out to be quick at all, is it?

This morning, I took Davan and Lena back to SkyHigh again, where they bought 10 hour passes that can be used over up to 10 visits.  It makes it much more affordable, particularly as they each got an hour free today for buying them.  It was busy right away today, which was too bad, but they still had fun and did something new - synchronized tumbling.


  1. Fingers crossed for the Circus Smirkus. Love the edited video and the new one. I wish we had a Sky High.

    1. Thanks for the fingers crossed. I know Davan will either do one or the other, but I'd love to see her get into both and have her choice. I know that would mean a lot to her. :)