Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Straps Class

I went with Davan to her straps class on Monday.  Let me clarify.  I went and watched Davan's straps class on Monday.  I'd have no hope at all of actually doing her straps class.  It's by far the hardest class she does all week.  She has a bit of a love/hate relationship with straps.  It's the class that doesn't just come easily to her.  Sometimes she likes the challenge and sometimes she's frustrated by it.  Because so much of straps is about strength, there is a lot of conditioning involved.

I went with my camera in hand.  I have to admit that it's not really to gather video for any more applications.  While she does have to send in an application for ENC camp and it does have a video requirement, it's very specific and not a montage of skills, so the clips from straps won't be in it.  So, really, it was just for me so I could make a video to share and because I haven't watched her at straps in about a year (during which she's been off and on in doing straps), as Night Flight isn't set up for viewing, really.

Because straps is so much about conditioning, nearly everything you see - the push ups, sit ups, L holds and the like are done two to three times.  The teacher writes up a board with everything they're supposed to do and it's up to them to keep track and rotate through.  You'll see that Davan is rather creative with keeping track on the board.  :)

Oh, and in this class, no one was wiggy about being on camera, so you see a lot more of her classmates in the shots.  You'll notice that no one else is a teenager - they're all adults, a couple of whom are professionals in the circus industry here in town.  I was really impressed with how well Davan kept up with them.  She'd been telling me that she was very much not one of the best in class and while she isn't the best, for sure, she's doing just fine for herself and is far from the bottom of the barrel.


  1. WOW what strength!! What grace. She is amazing! I think that no matter where all this leaders her in life she will be so glad she has done all the things she has done, learned what she learned. One of my regrets is that I did not do more with Dance. I loved that I did swim team and such. Never regretted any of the time spent on these things.

  2. wow. that looks incredibly hard! Go Davan!! Look at her poor wrist. She is so talented...I just love watching her videos.