Tuesday, March 06, 2012

And Circus Smirkus Says...

There was a letter for Davan in the mail yesterday.

I think we'd both been starting to feel confident about her getting in.  We'd done the video right this time and, well, in watching other people's audition videos, at least the ones posted on You Tube, it seemed to us like she was skilled enough.  However, at the sight of the envelope, we both got very nervous.

Davan was very excited to get in, as you can see, but it also made her a little bit sad because it made her think again about the troopers program that she not only didn't get into, but didn't even get called to live auditions for.  :(  I'm sure that's because her audition video was not what they were looking for.  This time we had a much better idea what to send in and, sure enough, she got in!  Yay for Davan!

We're still waiting, though, to hear from the National Circus School (ENC) about high school next year.  We're beginning to think that they just aren't going to say if she didn't get in.  It's been over a month now since the audition!  It's a little crazy!  If she were to go to the high school, though, she wouldn't go to Circus Smirkus camp because she doesn't want to be away that much and I believe there would be some overlap, as well, with ENC wanting first year students there early.

Additionally, Davan is applying to the ENC summer camp, which is the two weeks directly prior to the Smirkus camp.  She would do both if she does camps.  So, lots of things are still up in the air, but at least we know this much!  And it was exciting news.


  1. Keilee and I watched this together and Kei had the biggest smile on her face. WOOHOOOO Davan!! That is awesome.

  2. OMG so exciting. I will watch the videos soon. School...camp so much waiting and still to know what will be the final answers.