Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Sky High

The Sky High trip I'm reporting on here is actually an old one.  We all went to Sky High when my aunt and grandma were in town to watch the girls jump.  It just took a while before I got the footage from the trip and then a while longer before I got around to doing anything with it.

As usual, Davan and Lena had a great time.

As usual, they took occasional breaks for a cooling fan session or

a refreshing drink of water.

At the end, they did their new usual - stretching to stave off soreness the next day.  Davan never mentions soreness to me except in her back.  Apparently, though, Lena gets really sore after Sky High visits.

The stretching, while apparently helpful, isn't always totally serious.

As usual, they did a lot of tricks.

Sharp readers may notice something a little different, though.  Watching each other go isn't just the other and maybe a random passerby, but a person in a brown shirt and jeans.  That made this trip unusual and, thus, blog worthy even though it's been a long gap.

Who is the person in brown?  That's me!

I jumped with the girls for a while.  While I am also a trampoline fan, I don't usually jump for a variety of reasons varying from conflicting with run workouts to paying for it to last, but certainly not least, a definite Mommy bladder if you know what I mean.

That Sunday, though, my aunt Candy was interested in what I could do, so, even though I was woefully unprepared in my jeans, I went out and jumped, too.

While I'm not on the level of Davan and Lena, aerials aside, I didn't do half bad for myself.  I even have a video to share with you.  Because I care, I left in some of Davan and Lena, too, not to mention a brief clip of a girl who was jumping with a tail.  Fun!  Oh, and the music choice is mostly because it was actually what was playing during part of the filming.  You'll probably notice that there are lots of high fives going around, but I never get one.  Sigh.


  1. At one point it looks like Lena was going to give you a high five but you did not see it.

    1. Nah, it was just a thumbs up. Davan claims I never put my hands up for a high five, but I wonder who has to solicit their own high fives?