Thursday, March 15, 2012


Davan got a really cool gift at Christmas from my parents.  It's a swivel for spinning with her aerial apparatus in her room.

It's the red and black dohicky you see the white and blue rope hanging from.  As I mentioned in the rigging post, we were experimenting with a hand loop, which is what the white and blue rope is.  

The reason for the experimentation was that Davan hasn't gotten a lot of good use out of the swivel.  For a while she was using it with one of her rings, but she had a hard time getting it to the right height and it isn't easy on your hand to hold onto a plastic ring while spinning.  The homemade hand loop did not work well, either.  The rope really cuts into one's wrist when one tries to hang from it.

Yesterday, though, I got an idea using equipment she already owns.  

Now she can spin to her heart's delight.


  1. I was thinking of asking if she needed the handloop what do you think? Does she? she works so hard I don't mind adding things in once in a while.

    1. Thank you, but Davan says no, she doesn't think she'd use it that much. She's happy spinning with what we rigged. Davan says that if you'd like to provide her with straps, though, she wouldn't say no. Just passing that along.

  2. Awesome. Ya know...if she ever needed to escape she could just swing right out of those windows. ;)