Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Continuing with the Run of Videos...

This is a bit from Thursday's end of winter term class that Davan and Lena take at Do Jump.  It wasn't so much of a polished show as just showing what they've been working on and playing with over the course of the term. 

In the first part - two people on one trapeze, Davan and Lena have different partners because of the difference in their hights.  And, in fact, Lena's partner is their teacher.

In the second part - two people on two trapezes, I've put in the part they did together.  They each also did some of this with other people from the class, but this probably more than enough to share.


  1. Cool I know Davan likes that kind of flying around on the trapeze. And she got to do lots of one armed stuff.

  2. Keilee just squealed in my ear, "That looks like SO much fun". Beautiful Davan. We are so impressed with your talent.

    1. Aaron, who is the teacher for this class, says it's the most fun you can have on a trapeze. :)