Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last Day of Davan's Challenge

Davan is going strong with her not touching the floor of her room for a week challenge.  She only has a half an hour left at this point.  She is looking forward to it being over, but she also says she thinks it'll be weird to step on the floor - as if it's become untouchable in reality not just in theory.  LOL

Here she is, getting her sweat shirt out of her drawer.  Sadly, we had some technical difficulties while getting pictures off of the camera today and the end got cut off.  Thankfully, the videos I took of her for her camp audition were intact.  Whew.  Still, here you can see the main gist of it.

She says her room is a little messy because it's hard to clean when you don't touch the floor.  She also has had help a couple times.  Once she asked me to close her curtains for her because she was feeling really tired.  One other time I got something out of the top of her closet that we needed to took at for her camp application.  Mostly, though, she just got around via hanging on stuff.  :)

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  1. Woohooo Way to go Davan. Keilee and I love watching her videos. :) Keilee so wants a swing for her room.