Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And Now or, Rather, Yesterday

Davan in her new hat, thanks to a couple of really great people:

Davan, looking a little disheveled after gymnastics:

Davan's birthday was a really good day. Our plans came off mostly without a hitch, although my parents did hit a late rush hour coming to brunch, causing a bit of a wait then, but it was a minor thing. In addition to the plans I wrote of yesterday, we had two things happen that really made Davan's day.

One was that in a carefully planned surprise, friends came by and delivered the hat you see her wearing in the first picture. So far she's only taken it off for gymnastics and sleep. She was blown away that they managed to catch us, too, with all of our activities yesterday.

The other thing is thanks to another family who are friends of ours, I'm fairly sure. :) We came home from book group to find a letter sitting in our wreath on the front door. The envelop was addressed, in green ink, to Miss D. (our last name), The Northwest Bedroom (our address) and was sent via International Owl Post. The two papers enclosed informed my just turned 11 year old that she was accepted to Hogwarts and listed the supplies she'd need. It was very well done and Davan is now debating which of our pets she'll be taking with her. After all, she can take an owl, a cat or a rat. We're only missing an owl choice here.

We're not done with birthday celebrations yet, either. Davan chose to go to Safari Sam's with just her family rather than have a party this year, so that's the plan for Saturday. Of course, the other plan for Saturday, according to the weather forecast, is snow or freezing rain. So, it's possible we'll need to reschedule.

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