Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Snow is Back

We've got snow again and this time it looks like it'll be good snow for playing in. We've been having strange (for us) weather starting on Sunday and, so the weather forecasters tell us, going on through this weekend. The schools have all been closing, but many decided to open today after the local schools totally could have gone yesterday and even Tuesday. And then it started just dumping snow. I know our local district has announced and early release to try to get kids home while they can.

We are out and about in the snow today, as Davan had her preschool reading this morning. As it was the holiday party, she really didn't want to miss. I'd wished I'd gotten my act together in time to walk over, as it's so pretty today and it would have been a safer journey. However, I didn't, so we just took it slow and easy. I saw lots of other people slipping, but so far, so good for us.

Davan is reading and I'm hanging out at the library to minimize the driving for taking her home. I've canceled game day for the afternoon and am hoping that Davan and I will be able to get some sledding in.

Sadly, gymnastics will probably be canceled for the evening. Davan would much rather it wasn't. She missed all last week and they are closed next week for Christmas, so it'd be better to go this week. But, if the snow keeps up, it'd be a tricky drive home on icy, snowy streets in the dark.

If the forecast I heard is right, we should still be able to do Davan's birthday bash on Saturday - Safari Sams and out to dinner - as the snow isn't supposed to start up again until Saturday night. We shall see!

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