Saturday, December 27, 2008

And With That, We're Done With Birthdays For a Whil

We made it to Safari Sam's today, one week late. We spent five hours there, playing. I probably played for about four of those five hours with Davan and I have the bumps and bruises to prove it. It was a good deal of fun, though.

Anthony played some, but is super sore from an abdominal work out a few days ago and had a hard time climbing about.

My parents joined us for the last two hours, but didn't climb about at all, as they are both recovering from colds - my mom from a more flu like illness, really.

The five of us went to Chevy's for dinner after where Davan opened presents and ordered off the adult menu - yikes! That's expensive! Just more good reason not to eat out often.

Davan's gifts were mostly gymnastics-y. The grips we ordered last Saturday came yesterday, so we wrapped them for her to open just for fun. My parents got her wrist guards to go with the grips and gymnastics shorts. She got a gift card to Micheal's from Aunt Chris and a new Hanna Anderson sweater also from my parents. She was pleased.

And we're done with birthdays for a while. At least family birthdays. Of course our second Christmas is in just a few days. That snow storm really stretched things out.

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