Monday, December 15, 2008

We're Home!

We got back Saturday night, just beating the snow and cold snap home. I ran out to the store and got some food for the week real quick before bed. Luckily, it wasn't too late when we got home, although 8:30 (when I left for the store) here is about 11:30 in Florida.

With the wind howling and snow coming down, we just hung out at home except for a brief outing at the very beginning of the storm to retrieve Ari. We spent part of our day decorating:

As for our trip? It was fine. I'm feeling really done with amusment parks, but we had a pretty good time. We enjoyed spending the whole week with my parents and spending quite a bit of time with an aunt and uncle of mine, as well. I enjoyed our day at Animal Kingdom, never having been there before.

We actually didn't take a ton of pictures. We did have a few of Anthony, Davan and I taken together, but none turned out very well. Here's one of my mom, Davan, Bunny and I just about to sail through "It's a Small World." Yes, my daughter is 11 tomorrow and still carries around a stuffed animal. We choose to think of it as cute.

Bunny, as it happens, had an adventure. We were riding on the Buzz Light Year ride when she swan dived out of Davan's hand onto the track the carts go on. She was recovered by a worker after we got off the ride, but it was a tense and unhappy 15 minutes or so while we finished the ride and waited for her to be returned. Bunny has been Davan's main companion for years now. Davan sleeps with her and everything. She's not always the one to go out in the day, but she's necessary. It would have been tough to loose her. We were all very happy to have her back, safe and sound. After all her adventures at the parks and at the airport, Bunny had a bath when we got home and is surprisingly pink now.

I really enjoyed flying first class, as far as flying goes. There was a lot of room. Beverages and food came regularly. Very nice, if one has to fly. I admit not to enjoying the whole flying thing that much, though. I sometimes get nauseous and, I'll tell you what, airport/plane air just plain stinks.

Anthony, Davan and I spent part of yesterday making a list of vacations we'd like to take and ranking them. It was an interesting and rather difficult process, but we've got our summer vacations plans pretty much figured out. We separated the list into cheaper, low medium, high medium and expensive. Later we thought we should have made one category called really expensive, as one thing we want to do is really, really expensive, which is an REI adventure tour. Because of the help we got with this trip, we would have put this one into either low medium or high medium - probably high.

Anyway, because we just took this trip and have other things going on with our money, we're doing cheap this summer. We'd been planning on two trips this summer - one backpacking around Mt Hood and one bike riding down the Oregon Coast. Backpacking around Mt Hood didn't score as high as we thought it would, though, so we're probably not going to do that after all. I'm feeling a little wishy-washy about that, though. We might reevaluate. If we don't go around Mt Hood, we'll probably either go to Kah-nee-ta for a couple of nights or spend a week or so in a yurt in addition to our biking down the coast trip.

No where on the list was an amusement park. Whew.

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