Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Reminder of Life With Max

On Christmas Eve, Anthony was talking to his mom on the phone when something off about the vent in the dinning room caught his eye. He got a flashlight and removed the grill to find....a rotten, black, shriveled banana. Nice, eh?

The crazy thing is that we didn't notice before. I mean, at some point were we wandering around going, "Hmm, something smells a little off, I wonder what it is..."

When the heat came on, was there a banana smell that we were all just ignoring?

It wasn't the only time Max ditched food he wasn't interested in eating. We found stuff behind the cat food dishes, in his room, under other things in the trash. It's not that he didn't like bananas. He did. They were his favorite fruit, which wasn't saying much, really, but he did like them. There were times he told me that eating bananas was a treat for him. Not so much of a treat that they didn't get stashed all over the place, though, I guess.

Now it's easy to laugh it off. I wasn't capable of that when I had to live with it. Good times.

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