Monday, December 22, 2008

Davan Gets Stuck

Davan has a tendency to get stuck on something. For example, in DisneyWorld, she decided that she did not want to ride on Splash Mountain even though it was her most favoritest ride ever on previous trips. Why? Because she'd get wet and it wasn't warm enough. This persisted until Wednesday when we had an over 80 degree day. I informed her that I believed her to be holding on to a no longer true premise and let her know I thought she was shooting herself in the foot by continuing to believe that she did not want to go on Splash Mountain. She finally decided to go. She had a great time. She begged to go again.

This sort of behavior happens again and again. One day she wasn't in the mood to do yoga and, ever since, she's opted not to do yoga. Actually, I talked her into it when we were in California in November and she wanted to keep going when we got interrupted and had to stop. However, even that hasn't gotten her going with it again. Nope, in her mind, she doesn't like yoga anymore. Go figure. I'm of the mind that she has a lot of other physical activities to do and if she doesn't participate in yoga, it's not a big deal, so I haven't pushed this one. Still.

We've been talking about going sledding from the beginning of this batch of wintery weather, which was just over a week ago. We didn't end up going out at all that first Sunday when there probably was enough snow to sled because it was also seriously windy and we were just back from our trip and happy to veg out in the house all day. Anthony made the comment that day that it wouldn't be any fun out there in the snow and wind.

Davan has, other than the one day that it was sunny and had very little snow, refused to go out and sled or go out at all in the snow. She's got herself stuck in the idea that it's no fun out there. Today, though, I let her know it was another Splash Mountain and, while she didn't have to go out, I felt she should.

We all went out sledding. We had a nice time. We worked up a sweat while, at the same time, having our faces go numb (it's still windy!). Davan was glad she'd gone.

Every now and then, she needs a push. This is definitely part of her personality. When she was a toddler and just learning to walk, she wouldn't walk without holding onto a hand. She started walking while hand holding - just one hand - at 9 months, but didn't let go until she was 14 months. She was more than capable of walking, but she was stuck. The breakthrough finally came when she wanted to walk to where I was and Anthony refused to help her get there. She came after me, crying the whole way at the injustice of having to walk on her own.

She does it with food, too. Right now, for example, she's convinced she doesn't like any nuts except for roasted almonds. I believe she had a bad nut and that got her stuck.

She's an interesting person, my young Davan.

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