Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Canceling Christmas?

So, here's the deal. We are snowed in. If it weren't for Christmas, I wouldn't try to go anywhere besides maybe walk to the Safeway that is about a 1/2 mile away to stock up on perishables. We'd be fine on food even without that, but I'd be sad to see the end of the apples and Cuties, particularly. Of course, veggies are good, too.

However, I don't have what we need for food for Christmas. I could be creative and make some things that would be treat food even without going out. If it were just the three of us, staying at home, I'd seriously consider doing that. Again, maybe with a trip to Safeway for a little supplemental fresh food.

How snowed in are we? Well, chains are required on all the roads around here. I'd definitely need them to get anywhere, even if they weren't required. However, even getting to the ruts in our street would be challenging. The snow is high. Our driveway is shoveled, but the street is not plowed. I could chain up and give it a go. More shoveling would probably be necessary. I could do it. The question is, do I want to? Is it worth it?

We've discussed with the people we celebrate Christmas with the possibility of canceling. Well, postponing. We'd move it all to New Year's. New Year's Eve dinner at my MIL's, New Year's Day at home with my parents, doing the usual Christmas stuff. Of course, there are downsides to this option. One is that it's quite nice to do Christmas at Christmas and the waiting would be difficult for Davan, particularly.

The other reason is that we're supposed to be staying in a yurt at the coast over New Year's. We'd already talked about the possibility of canceling that trip due to some issues with gymnastics. So, we could just cancel and do Christmas then. But...

What do I need to go out for if we're doing Christmas? Food. I'm supposed to take a veggie tray and a cooked veggie dish to my MIL's plus we're taking a dessert because we don't like the dessert that is traditionally offered - plum pudding. And rolls. No one else is taking rolls and they are Davan's favorite part of Christmas Eve dinner. We could make rolls at home. We could make a dessert. Both could be made from what's on hand, but they'd be different than we'd been planning. Not necessarily bad, but different. However, the 4 carrots I have on hand won't make much of a veggie tray nor a cooked veggie dish. I could delve into frozen for the cooked veggie dish, but well. I'm a little non-pulsed by that idea. It could be done. Additionally, I need one item (that I could probably substitute something else for) for food gifts I'm planning on making.

There is more than food I need, though. There are a couple of gifts that I still need to acquire. I don't have a gift for Anthony. That I could probably get by walking, but I'm not totally sure. Davan, when she needs them, gets a new pair of footie pjs on Christmas Eve. We didn't get her any last year because she had a bunch handed down from a friend that still fit. This year, though, those are looking quite stretched on her and many of them have holes. Could she live without new footies? Yes, but. I need one more family gift, as there are usually two. I do have one and we could live with that. We see a second cousin on Christmas Eve for whom I usually get an Old Navy shirt. I haven't gotten that yet. That could be a walking errand.

Walking, by the way, would be challenging in and of itself, as no one has shoveled their sidewalks. I shouldn't say no one. We did and on other house on our street did. For the most part, though, it'd be walking in deep snow.

We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow. Today, though, it's just cloudy.

The question is - chain up and give it a go? Walk and get some stuff, but not everything? Be a strong proponent of delaying? Wait until tomorrow to try to get out and then decide? I don't really know yet. I'm still mulling it over.

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