Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Tonight is the meeting with Davan's coach to talk about the testing she did on Friday. I know why Linda wants to talk to them individually. I know why she doesn't just want to call with the news. I can understand that. Especially if a girl didn't make it or needs to know her options.

However, our weekend would have been a lot less stressful if Linda had said to Davan on Friday, "Good job - you made it - we'll talk more Tuesday." I've told Davan that she's in like Flynn, but my word doesn't make her believe. The worry plus the illness made for an emotional weekend for my little preteen.

This morning, though, she is suddenly confident that she made it. Okay, then. Now that the waiting is almost over.

Thus, next week starts the step up in gymnastics hours. She'll have workouts for 3 hours at a time 3 times a week.

I've promised to stay with her for the whole first workout, but then I'll mostly drop her off with some watching at the ends. The problem here is, for watching that first workout, is Max. I really don't want to have him at the gym for 3 hours. Or even for 1 1/2 until Anthony could come and get him after he gets home from work. When we were there for 2 hours for Davan's testing on Friday, it didn't go well. He and another boy (who has behaviors I would not tolerate in my home) fed off of each other. Just one of his lovely behaviors was when I put my hand out for him to put whatever he was chewing on (it turns out wadded up paper, but it can just as easily be toys, beads, candy found on the ground) in it and he worked up a whole mouthful of spit to spit into my hand. And all of this was in spite of the video that was on to watch, which usually pacifies him.

I'm trying to decide what to do with him next Tuesday while I go to the gym. I'd like it not to be a reward, but is that just petty? I'd like to hire a baby sitter and tell said baby sitter that he/she is just there for his safety and not to play with him. I'd like him not to play video games or watch videos during that time.

I don't want to pay for a baby sitter. I think it should come out of his allowance, as otherwise, he'd get to go to the gym, where there are siblings to play with, a movie to watch and a play area. So, it's really not torture to go there. However, he doesn't get much allowance. Said baby sitter would have to baby sit from about 3:40 until about 5:30 - basically two hours. I guess he could pay a month's worth of allowance to cover most of it. He only gets $5 a month for a variety of reasons. Neither of my kids get weekly allowance.

The other stumbling block to this plan is that we don't have a regular baby sitter. I'd have to find someone in a short period of time. And, frankly, most of the teens I know either wouldn't want to baby sit for him, wouldn't be available or would think that not playing with him was cruel.

So. Another alternative is to have him go to my SIL's house for that period of time. It'd be free, if they are available. But, again, that would be a treat for him. Maybe I should let that go. It'd also be very much not a treat for Conor, though. Conor is a similar aged cousin. Conor very much dislikes Max. I don't think it's fair to impose Max on him more than necessary.

What else? It's possible that my MIL might be able to come by and watch him, but that's the day she spends time with said SIL's family, so that probably wouldn't work.

There's the Champions after school care program at his school. That's a little costly and, again, probably a treat. And I don't really know how to go about signing him up for the one day and if they even have availability.

So, I'm mulling it over.

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  1. There's a 50 dollar registration fee. A mountain of paperwork. The one day rate is 19 bucks. (That's actually one or two days, they don't have an hourly rate.)

    If I weren't working that afternoon, I would be more than happy to help you out.