Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pee Again

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, having gotten off on the side track of K, about Max's late night adventure last night.

Anthony and I are watching a House episode, chilling out, long after Max was in bed, when we heard a loud thunk. It was a familiar thunk of Max jumping off of his loft bed and, thus, we were waiting to hear his door open. Instead, we heard the sound of pee hitting the ground. Anthony went running down there and Max had peed in the corner of his room.

First we were mad. Then we thought he'd been asleep. Then I started talking to him while helping him get cleaned up - he'd pulled up his pj bottoms when he'd heard Anthony come down the hall while he was still peeing - and discovered that, indeed, he'd been awake and had chosen to pee in his room because he "just had to pee so bad." Now, Max has had some peeing trouble in the past, but he's never done this.

I'm feeling quite out of sorts about it. It's yet another thing we had said we didn't want to take on and yet, here we are. My life these days, folks.


  1. Did you make him clean it up?

    I suppose rubbing his nose in it, swatting his ass with a newspaper and tossing him out the back door would be sort of over the top?

  2. Yeah. I suppose. We did make him clean it up after taking a shower to clean up (warm, even - we're not monsters) and putting on fresh pjs. After scrubbing it up, he had to start a load of laundry with the peed in pjs and the rag used to clean up. Then he went back to bed and, in the morning, we went on with life, including making plans for his birthday party. See? I know how not to hold a grudge.