Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday's List

Max was very grateful for the French toast I made him for breakfast this morning. Max told me he was happy about going to the foster/adoption appreciation dinner we're going to tonight, even though it's on the same night as a fund raiser at Chuck E Cheese. I'm not sure he really feels this way, but he put on a brave face.

Davan was a joy to be with at the park today. We shared lunch and she ran around a lot. When I spilled a large container of cat food on the utility room floor this morning, she didn't say a word, just started to help pick it up.

Anthony agreed to come home early from work tomorrow so that he could be here when Max gets home so I can teach a spring board diving class. Anthony gets up for work every day at 4:30am so he can be home to have dinner and spend some time together as a family before Max has to go to bed.

I took Davan to the park today. I hold game day every Thursday and it's a favorite event among the attendees.

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