Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm Home!

Actually, I got home Tuesday night. I've just been quite busy ever sense arriving home.

I got home just in time to say good night to Davan and go to bed with Anthony. Then it was up and ad'em in the morning. Max had therapy with the prescriber of the therapy group he is in. He'll be going on meds. He has a prescription and we'll start tomorrow or Saturday. We haven't decided for sure yet.

Davan had to go to a friend's house, which is usually quite okay with her, but after I'd just gotten home, she was less than thrilled about it, but did fine there.

After therapy, we took Max to school and Davan and I spent some time together, including a lunch out for a special reunion moment. Then it was off to swimming. As it was Wednesday, Max was picked up by a friend and delivered to the pool for us.

I took the kids to a park for about 45 minutes after swimming, where we all played both together and alone. Well, Max mostly played with another boy there, which was fine, of course.

Then it was home for making dinner and Max doing chores before he was off to flag football with Anthony and Davan off to gymnastics with me. Whew. Right back into it.

Today Davan and I just hung out at home for the morning. We had chores to do, but also got in a lot of cuddling and togetherness, which she really needed. Boy has she been emotional today. I'm guessing it's major backlash from me having left her for 5 days.

I think it was too long. Even though it was fun, Davan had some pretty rough times before, during and after. I feel guilty. :( And I don't, as I had a good time and got in some much needed time with my best friend. We laughed, played, gave each other therapy...all good stuff.

It doesn't seem to have hit Max as hard this time. He was a crab before I left, but that's pretty normal for him. He had a pretty normal time of it while I was gone and when I've come back. He did say that he missed me a lot and seemed happy to see me. I don't think he's so happy that I'm making dinner again, though...There was a lot of eating out while I was gone.

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