Sunday, May 25, 2008


Davan and I have both been sick sense early (like 3am) Thursday morning. Stomach stuff. Neither of us has puked, but we've both had our fair share of the runs, plenty of cramps plus general sore stomachs and being quite run down. All-in-all, it's been rather yucky.

It was also quite bad timing. Davan had testing for team for gymnastics on Friday evening. She was in bad shape. She still really wanted to go. We went. She lay like a lump on the floor in between getting up and performing her skills like there was nothing wrong. She didn't even warm them up, but she still did everything. The only thing she didn't ace was the cartwheel in the medium beam, which isn't a make or break deal. For being dizzy, she did awesome on the beam. We won't know for sure until Tuesday evening, but I'm almost 100% sure she made it.

Meanwhile, my tolerance for Max was very low and his annoyance factor was very high, resulting in me doing something I regret Saturday. Max lied to me and then argued about it when I caught him, even though I tried not to even give him a chance to argue and that, on top of his annoying behavior for the past 24 hours prior to then plus my illness put me over the top. I grabbed the kid by the face and yelled at him, then picked him up and tossed him into his room. Sigh. Max is good at pushing my buttons, but I've been good about not doing things I regret for several months now. I'm not happy about doing it.

Max's 7th birthday is approaching...more or less. It's at the end of June. He wants a laser tag party. So, he and 8 other small boys are off to Lazer Planet for some rousing laser tag, pizza and cake. We worked on invitations today even. He's got his list of invitees figured out and we'll hand them out soon. It's a little early, but he is inviting several friends from school whom he doesn't see outside of school, nor do we have contact information for them. So, we have to get the invitations out and, hopefully, hear back on the RSVPs before school is out in case he needs to fill in with other kids.

I take it back, actually, Max and 7 other small boys are off to Lazer Planet. There's also going to be one girl. It's not Davan. She's going, but not playing. The girl is his other sister, K, his bio half sister who lives about 2 1/2 hours away. We try to see them about once every 3 months, but it's been 6 months now since our last visit. This is mostly my fault.

Max would like to see her and K's adoptive parents (her paternal grandparents who aren't related to Max) are supportive of them getting together. However, I'm really not fond of the grandpa. And, while Max pays lip service to loving K and visa versa, they don't seem to actually have any depth to their relationship. They've never lived together. K was removed from their mother when she was a baby before Max was born while Max lived with their mother until he was 2 1/2 and then lived in foster families.

The relationship is very awkward all around and in some ways I think it'd be a lot easier to just cut the ties. I'd feel differently if Max and K had lived together and had a sibling bond, but they just don't. Still, Max wants to see her, so we'll keep it up.

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