Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Afternoon

We joined all the other sports suburbanites and their SUVs/Minivans (mostly) at flag football this morning. My mom and step dad came to watch Max play. "We tied and that's the first time we've tied. We've won this team once," Max told us.

Then we went out to lunch and a short stroll around the grounds at Edgefield, which was cut short by rain and inadequate rain gear. Max was glad it was cut short and proclaimed the stroll around the grounds to be boring. Can't win them all. He was very anxious to get home, get in a half and hour of entertaining himself and 20 minutes of reading so he could get to his video game.

I left on a walk to the library by myself after both kids turned down my invitation to join in. While I was gone, Davan got an invite to a play date and was taken over there by Anthony and Max.

Anthony spent some time out in the yard, mowing and weeding and such. Now he's going to join Max in video game play for a while. I'm about done on the computer, so I'm thinking of sitting down to read for a while. I'm reading "A Long Way Gone." It's both interesting and horrifying.

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