Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We are just hanging out today. We were going to go camping this weekend, but 1) the weather report changed from nice to rainy, even thundershowery and 2) Davan and I got sick. We've already done the visiting of my parents that happens every weekend they are in town.

Davan has a play date that should be starting in about 20 minutes and go for the whole afternoon. Max can also invite a friend over, but he is currently passive aggressively pretending he doesn't know what I asked him to do (get out a clean napkin for himself), so that needs to be resolved before he can move on with his day.

Davan and I are both healthy today. Whew. I might go for a walk at some point. That'd be nice.

My MIL comes for dinner tonight, as it's her usual Monday. Neither kid has sports stuff this evening with the holiday and all, so there won't be any rushing off.

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