Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday's List

Max drank his smoothie this morning even though there were chunks of blueberries in it (apparently I did a poor job of running the blender this morning) and, in the past, that would have totally been a deal breaker for him. I had to tell Max this morning that I don't think the adoption will be finalized before school gets out for the summer after all. There is a delay in Salem. Nothing to do with him or us, but it's for everyone. The adoption office is behind. He took the news pretty well. He wasn't happy about it and was able to say so, but he didn't let it ruin his day, either.

Davan did an awesome job with chores this morning. She worked quickly and diligently and we got done in record time. Davan amazes me every day with her strength. She is getting so muscular around her upper arms and across her back, particularly. She really works at it, too. On her off day from swimming and gymnastics yesterday, she did push ups, sit ups and other calisthenics just because she wanted to. I really admire her fitness.

Anthony read to Davan last night even though it was my night so that I could talk to my mom on the phone when she called right at bed time. Anthony was totally cool with me telling the kids some good news by myself, even though he'd miss their faces lighting up with excitement.

I have honored my word to keep Max appraised of the adoption proceedings, rather than assuming that he knows without ever really being told. I made dinner without complaining or snapping at anyone last night, even though I was really not feeling well. I'm feeling better today, but still seem to have a little something.

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