Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Martian Child"

We watched this movie this evening - "Martian Child". It was a good movie and I didn't like it at all. I cried at the end - not happy tears, even though it's a good ending. Sorry to blow that for you if you were waiting in suspense to watch the movie yourself.

I was very depressed by this movie. It's about a man, David, who adopts a little boy, Dennis, who thinks he's from Mars. The little boy is very troubled and has attachment issues. He steals and is definitely way out of sync socially.

David totally dedicates himself to this little boy, sitting in his car outside of a new school all day to make Dennis feel comfortable and safe. He accepts pretty much everything about him, from eating exclusively Lucky Charms to the stealing (at least for quite a long time on the stealing). I know it's a movie, but it is also based on a real life experience.

I felt totally humbled. I can't dedicate myself to Max that way. I don't have the energy nor the single minded devotion nor, frankly, the love. I can't accept his behaviors. I'm trying to change most things about him, really, from how he eats to how he plays (less video games) to, well, it feels like most everything.

My tears were of frustration, longing and worry.

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