Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Moving On and Lots of Rambling

I'm moving on from the listing of good things. Not that it wasn't a good exercise, but I'm feeling done with it. Bored. I want to write about other stuff, but I was using all my time with the listing.

Game Day. There's stuff about Game Day. For the several years now that I've been hosting Game Day on Thursday afternoons, it's been one of my favorite days of the week. I love having everyone over and playing games. I love the laughing. I love the running around at the park. It's good stuff. However....

Davan's gymnastics schedule is changing. She's testing for team this Friday and it's almost a sure thing that she's going to make it. She has her skills and is looking good. Even with a sore elbow (more on that later), she did all her skills last night at practice, rarely missing anything. This is great news. However....

We do Game Day from 1:30-whenever. The organized portion of Game Day finishes up at 3:30. We could end then. I really like the free flowing play whatever in smaller groups portion that happens after 3:30, though. Most of the time, everyone trickles out around 4:30 or even 5:00.

Level 4 team workouts are from 4:00-7:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We have to leave about 20 minutes before class to get Davan to the gym on time. I've already let Davan know that I won't be staying for the whole class all the time. I plan on catching the last hour or so most of the time. I did tell her I'd stay for the whole session her first time.

All this means that I need to leave home around 3:40 to get Davan to gymnastics by 4:00. Even if I dropped her off and came right back home, I'd still be gone for most of the free flow portion of Game Day. Thus, I either need to find a new day for Game Day or a new time for Game Day or cut Game Day off at 3:30 or just stop having it all together.

The new day thing might work for the summer. Many of us have more availability in the summer. Of course, the summer schedule is supposedly different for gymnastics, as well. But, I don't know what it is yet. Either way, the summer schedule for gymnastics doesn't start until the third week of June, but Davan starts working out with the team the first week of June.

Perhaps I can keep Game Day where it is for now, have a couple of weeks that I kick everyone out at 3:30 (sigh) and then take it from there with the summer schedule. That might be the best solution for the time being.

Changing days won't work for the fall. In the fall, the only free day for us and the vast majority of Game Day attendees is Thursday because we've all kept it free for years now. Other days involve swimming, book groups, park days, skiing, etc. However, a new day could work for the summer.

Then there is changing times. Well....that could work, but wouldn't lend itself to having the extended play time either. If we meet in the mornings, people would need to get going for lunch. Might as well keep it where it is and just cut it off at 3:30.

Then there is letting it go altogether. That could happen. The kids are all getting older. Several are off to college and/or have schedules that make attending an iffy thing anyway. It might be time to consider this option.

For the time being, though, I guess I've worked it out that we'll stay on Thursdays at least until swimming is over and there is the new gymnastics schedule starting (that's the same week). Then I'll take it from there.

On another Game Day note...somehow I hurt both my back and my left knee last Game Day. I didn't notice when it happened, but when we got back to the house and I was sitting on the floor playing games, I sure did. My back was in serious pain for a couple of days and then it eased off. Both back and knee are still twinging some, but neither is serious now. Whew. Although, I'd have rather not had the pain at all. :)

We went to Great Wolf Lodge for Sunday and Monday. It was fun, but we probably won't do it again. We went while the prices were cheaper (but still costly) for their introductory offer. They just opened this one here in Washington. We enjoyed the water park.

Davan and I played the most with about 7 hours in the park on Sunday and about 4 1/2 on Monday. It wore Max out. He fell asleep watching TV with Anthony in the room Sunday night and again in the car on the way home Monday.

We had a cute room with a theme. It was called a KidCabin. My parents came along, so it was good that we had a room that fit 6.

Davan injured her elbow on Sunday. She was just walking around a corner and went sprawling, striking her elbow when she landed. The scream was so loud and long (not unusual for her, though, really) that the thought crossed my mind that she'd broken her elbow. She hadn't, but it's stiff and sore still today.

I think I had the most fun playing in the wave pool, when it wasn't overcrowded with people. It was amazing how many people were in the water park. The lines were a bit long, especially for the Howling Tornado and the wave pool was often very crowded.

The general consensus was that we were glad we'd gone, we'd had a fun time, we were glad we'd only gone for one night and we didn't really need to do it again, especially given the cost to go when the usual fees apply. Davan was the only one who thought another night would have been cool. She, though, agreed that the price wasn't worth another visit.

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