Tuesday, September 02, 2008

All Worked Up Over Nothing

So, it turned out to not be a big deal - the whole gymnastics thing. Brandon was totally cool about Davan going back to preteam or to rec. Davan chose preteam. Of course, I told him the issue was that she just wasn't emotionally ready rather than Davan not liking him. But, he was totally like, "No big deal. It happens that kids try it and just aren't ready. Stepping back is okay. You guys do have a leo coming, which you can sell or whatever."

We have to go back down and talk to Linda - the preteam coach - to work out the details of Davan stepping back. In fact, we'll be leaving again in about 10 minutes.

Davan still really wants to do Do Jump, so we'll be trying to get her schedule to work out so that she's not at the gym on Mondays. Other than that, she wants to go as often as possible. Three times a week if she can. Obviously, this girl still loves gymnastics.

And we'll still plan on December being a time to check out a new gym and start team there, if she wants to go to team. Or she can continue with Do Jump. But not both. Or she can move to rec. She can't hang out in preteam forever.

I feel better, but will feel even better after we talk to Linda and figure out our schedule options. Her preteam class this evening looked very full....I guess I've just gotta have something to worry about.

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  1. :::whew:::

    Good news.

    Have I mentioned that I stress and obsess?

    Naw, it was probably blatantly obvious already and didn't need to be mentioned, huh?