Monday, September 08, 2008

Busy in a Good Way

Late Thursday evening a wonderful thing happened. My best friend, Chris, flew into town! Yay!

We've been busy, but mostly just with each other with some other stuff thrown in. Friday was open gym (pressure from Linda for Davan to start working with the team again on a sometimes basis, which Davan is not happy about) followed by an exciting afternoon at Oaks Park for Not Back to School Day.

The afternoon was made even more exciting when Chris, who is, unlike me, fine with spiny rides, supposedly, went on the Screaming Eagle with Davan and then proceeded to feel worse and worse until she made a little trip to the closest restroom stall to loose her lunch. Poor Chris. :( After that, though, things improved some stomach-wise and she was able to do a couple of rounds of bumper cars with me.

Davan, meanwhile, was really into the Rock-o-Plane this trip and did it over and over again. We mostly just watched her. Although, she and I did a few rides on the roller coaster, as well.

Chris, even though her stomach felt somewhat better post kneeling to the porcelain god, continued to feel a bit off and started to feel like her throat was burning (we figured from the upchucking, at first). It became apparent by evening, though, that she was sick. :( Poor both her and I. Sad, sad timing.

So, things have been a little more subdued this trip than on some others. We've played cards and watched movies, rather than playing cards and going for walks/hikes. We've laughed and enjoyed, but also been much more quiet. We've played armchair psychologist for each other. In short, done the friend thing.

We spent the night at my parents' house, who are out of town, to have some just us time. On the home front, Davan and Anthony got to spend some father/daughter time, including a 20 mile bike ride with Davan on her own bike.

Sadly, yesterday evening found Davan with a sore throat and the sniffles. She's succumbed. She has her first Do Jump class this evening and really wants to go, so the plan is to rest up today, then pop a little Advil and go. She doesn't even seem to want to rest that much, truth be known, so I don't think it's too serious for her.

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