Friday, September 26, 2008

Going for a Run

I'm sitting here at the computer, perusing blogs and checking email, when Davan comes up and asks if she can go for a run. Well, I don't know why the heck you'd want to do such a thing, but knock yourself out. A walk, I understand. Running. Not so much. It's just not my thing. But good for Davan that it is. Even after she joined me for a 1/2 hour of my 1 hour of yoga this morning (which has been making me quite sore, I might add) and then spent nearly an hour and a half working hard at open gym. Sure, go for a run, too. Geez that kid should really be motivational for me rather than making me feel like a slug.

Speaking of open gym, it was our last time at the current gym today. They are, supposedly, open through Tuesday next week, but we won't be going back. Davan is starting at Top Flyte at the beginning of the week. It was not very sad for me, although Davan managed to work up a little drama at the end. The only two coaches that I really still care about who work there are moving to Top Flyte, as well, so it's just a space. And it's not like it was a great space, either, so it's fine to move on. And, yeah, I know it was Davan's activity, but I spent so much of my time there that it felt like mine, too.

Letting that thought develop, I realize that it's really true. Swimming truly is my activity, too, as I swim as well. Girl Scouts felt like mine, too, as I was there and it was a social time for me, too. Do Jump, though, where they don't allow parents to watch, doesn't feel like my activity at all. It feels like Davan's.

And wandering back to Top Flyte now. Davan will be working out for 4 hours at a time there. I can do that the first week, but 4 hours! I'll certainly use that time for walking some, but I may very well come home sometimes. I've already promised to stay for the first one, but after that...I'll probably end up watching a bunch, but I'm going to try to break away at least some.

And Davan's back. She did a mile. She wasn't gone very long. No walking she says. Good for her.

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