Saturday, September 27, 2008

And Yet More About Gymnastics

So, Davan is set with going to work out with the 5s at Top Flyte, as previously mentioned. However, there had been talk about the developmental team. One of the head coach/owners of the gym had mentioned Davan as a candidate for it. What it is is a fast track to optionals. Rather than spending one, two or more seasons as a level 5 and then a level 6, you breeze through them in one season and become an optional.

I'd been under the impression (correctly, it turns out) that try outs were in the spring and you couldn't join mid-stream. However, one girl from Davan's old gym is going directly to the developmental team. So, I asked about it because Davan says she wants to do it.

The one girl who got to go directly didn't even have to try out or anything. She just got to join them. Only she got that opportunity because there was only one spot, from a girl who'd quit.

It seems to me that they should have evaluated the new comers before deciding who should get that spot. There are girls on the level 4 team from the old gym who would be more qualified than either Davan or the girl who got the spot.

But, oh well. Davan is fine going to the 5s and the best part of that is, well, the two best parts of that are that she can still do Do Jump because of the schedule and that she won't have to compete until late in the season and then just once as a level 4, provided her scores are high enough to qualify to compete as a 5, which they should be, given where her skills are. That will actually save us a lot of money.

We went to open gym at Top Flyte today again and Davan got her kip! It's very cool! She got it on the metal practice bar at the old gym during practice Thursday once. Then she couldn't do it Friday at open gym (at the old gym) then, today, she did something like a dozen of them on the regular bar! Very cool.

This week will be all about settling Davan in at her new gym. She'll be doing 4 hours a day 3 days a week plus Do Jump one evening, as well. That's something 4 evenings out of 5! It's times like these I'm glad she's homeschooled (well, lots of other times, as well, actually) because she still has time to just be a kid and I still get to see her.

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