Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Three quarters of the way through Davan's gymnastics class, I was prepared to come home and write a triumphant blog entry: First Class Successful! Who-Hoo!

Every time Davan came over, she was smiling and happy. She really liked D, her coach. Things were going well.

Then came break - after nearly three hours. Davan didn't eat much. She was invited to go sit with the other girls, but came back after a bit. "I didn't like the conversation."

"What were they talking about?" I wanted to know.

"Just talking. About this and that. I just didn't like the conversations."

Okay. Whatever.

The last hour of class was taught by a different coach, S. S looked and sounded good to me. She said stuff like, "That's the idea! Try working on this." She seemed to have a pleasant demeanor.

At the end of class, I asked Davan how it went. "Pretty well. I liked D, but I didn't like S."

"Why not?"

"I just didn't."

Okay, then. I guess she's pickier than I thought. She also didn't like "the girl in the white leo." I'm glad to see she's making friends. I'd given her the assignment of figuring out one girl's name by the end of class. She's not good with learning names at all. She'd forgotten to pay attention.

Davan didn't want to finish her dinner after practice, which was shocking. She hasn't eaten that much today and she usually is seriously jonesing for a snack after gymnastics. So, I'm sure she's not feeling great.

So, even though it was successful, there was a damper on the evening because there was grousing at the end. Of course, D will be her regular coach and, for Davan, liking the adult in charge is much more important than making friends with her age mates, so it'll all be fine. And, mostly, I got my wish. Her first class is under her belt, she felt pretty good about it and she liked her coach.

I know my sense of dissatisfaction stems in good part from me not feeling top notch and that her complaints probably have more to do with not feeling well herself than anything else, so I'll try not to put too much stock in it all and try to focus on the good myself.

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