Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Neck Update

The pain in the upper left area of my neck is much better. Sadly, though, on Monday, I managed to do a number in my more usual injury spot - across the base of the neck. It was hard sleeping on it last night and tonight, between my neck and thoughts whizzing through my head, I'm not sleeping. I'll be glad when my neck is healthy again. It'll happen. This, too, shall pass.

My thoughts are about gymnastics for Davan. I'm trying to decide a few things and really, I'll know more tomorrow to help with the decision, so I should just let it be for now, but my mind won't let it go.

We like what we've seen of Top Flyte (the potential new gym) so far. I think it's probably in Davan's best interests to move over there. However, if her pre-team coach does buy the gym, I'd feel like crap if I moved Davan and it could work out to stay. I'd kind of like to move her anyway for the stability and opportunities at Top Flyte, but I'd like to support her coach, as well, who is a great coach, but is likely to be seriously distracted by being the new owner of a failing (but maybe recoverable) business. That's a sticky situation I'm hoping is solved by her not buying the gym.

But, say we move over to Top Flyte either because her pre-team coach doesn't buy the gym or because we just decide that's the best place for her. Then, I have to decide if I want to push for her to go to the developmental team or have her just go to level 4. Yes, they have the say on that and, in theory, will make that decision. Some of it does seem to have to do with what the parent says, though.

One girl, who is very similar to Davan skill-wise, from the current gym went over to Top Flyte for a trial class and worked out with the developmental team. Davan is scheduled to work out with level 4 tomorrow. Why the other girl the one way and Davan the other? I have no idea. And it's not from a skills evaluation. The other girl didn't have one. Both Davan and the other girl are new level 4s at the current gym.

Davan wants to go for the developmental team. So, do I push? I'm thinking I just see how she does tomorrow and how she fits in with that group and go from there. That's nice and straightforward. But, I'm still thinking about it. Why? Because I obsess and sometimes get stupid stuff in my head that prevents me from sleeping. Sometimes it's important and sometimes it's not. This time, there's nothing I can do until later and it's not important now and it'll all work out. But my brain is taking no notice of that.

Perhaps after pouring out this horrible dilemma here, I'll be able to sleep.


  1. All I can offer is that it beats having a pain in the ass.