Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Waiting to Call

I have to call the gym today and let them know that Davan is quiting team. I also have to ask for her tuition money to be used for recreational classes, as that is what she, Anthony and I decided to try to do. She just loves gymnastics too much to give it up all together. I'm not in love with having to call and talk to them, though.

If it were just a matter of tuition money, I know they'd work with us. However, they'll have been counting on us for team fees, also, which we now won't be paying. That'll increase the team fees for the other girls, which they won't be happy to do and might make it awkward for me to see the team moms at the gym when we're there for rec classes. I'd just change gyms, but there are two reasons for not doing that.

One is that I hope to use the money we've already paid. The other is that the rec coach Davan would have is a really good coach.

We're also still going to do Do Jump. She'll do rec classes either at this gym or another for a couple of months and then to a trail with a new team. After that - the 3 months of Do Jump and the team trial, she'll have to decide between sticking with Do Jump, joining a new team or staying at rec level until the summer, at which point we can evaluate again.

I think it's better for her to not just quit and to try to make it work. I think our plan is a good one. I think it's great for her to be able to try out Do Jump and really know her options. I'm not excited about working it out with the gym. No. I'm really not.

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