Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Warning! Grousing Ahead!

I've been feeling just a little under the weather the last several days. It started Saturday evening with a coughing fit when I laid down to sleep. After that, I've just been kind of tired and a bit stuffy, with some tightness in the chest. So, really, it's nothing too serious, but it makes everything seem harder, ya know? I am quite grateful that it's not more. But.

When Davan and I got home from Do Jump yesterday, we got into a fight. It was stupid, but there was yelling and tears. She had told me that she felt funny yesterday. "Not sick, really, but just....tired." I'm sure that both of us being under the weather contributed to the fight.

This morning seemed better, but then we went to open gym. Now, I had doubts about going, as I'm feeling iffy and I wasn't sure how Davan was going to be feeling today and it's a decent drive to get there. But, Davan said she was okay (even though she was sniffing at breakfast) and I don't plan on going next week, so we went.

It wasn't fun. Davan is stressing about skills she doesn't have. She spent quite a while obsessing about her kip, which she wasn't able to do today. She worked up to it for something like 10 minutes before she finally even tried it, though, all the while sending me wounded looks for help. There wasn't even anything to help her with! She was mostly just standing on the mat! It was very frustrating.

On the car ride home, Davan said her tummy was hurting, but that she thought it was just that she was car sick from trying to read on semi-winding roads. But, when we got home, she spent some time in the bathroom. Lower intestinal issues, if you know what I mean. Nice.

She says she still wants to go to gymnastics tonight for her first night in the group she's supposedly going to fit into. I hesitate to not have her go, as there have been some situations with the new gym that makes it look like Davan has confidence issues (well, maybe she does at that). I also hate for her to go her first night feeling punky and not have a good night because of it. Will that taint the new class for her?

And then I think, why are we doing this at all? It's horribly expensive and Davan gets so stressed out about it quite often. Of course, with some stability, she might not get so stressed out. And that's what I'm hoping for. But still. I half want to just call up the gym and say, "Never mind," then chill out for a while and see what new interests might develop. Would that be so bad?

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